Saturday, April 25, 2009

Marriage is Awesome

A conversation I literally just had with my husband:

Me: Remember that old cartoon, CatDog?

Husband: Ha! Yeah.

Me: I knew this chick once- her boyfriend got her a ferret, and she named it CatDog.

Husband: *Laughs* That’s awesome!

Me: Yeah, but do you know what was fucked up? Her boyfriend had cheated on her and she decided to take him back. That’s why he got her the ferret. He got her the ferret to thank her for the second chance.

Husband: Really?!?

Me: Yeah. I would want a diamond… or a tropical vacation… or at least a really nice night out. I wouldn’t want a little weasel looking thing that stinks.

Husband: Yeah, you’d think.

Me: If someone cheated on me and got me a ferret, I would be like, ‘Are you serious? A ferret? Are you even SORRY?’

Husband: *After dying laughing* See, baby, this is the stuff you need to blog about! This is good.

Me: Yeah, there’s only one problem. I left my laptop downstairs. I’m trying to turn our office into an actual office. Like, one I actually work in.

Husband: But you have all your best ideas upstairs! The couch makes a perfectly good office. You can write from anywhere.

This is why I married this man. He totally “gets” me.


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