Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why I'll never tire of Vegas

I walk a fine line between being insanely grateful for everything that happens to me to worrying over whether it’s too much… as if someone shouldn’t really get to experience as many amazing things as I have… or, worst of all, if somehow I’m going to start feeling entitled to having nothing but the best. I don’t ever want to be someone who feels entitled to something simply because I’m alive. So when I was recently offered another chance to party in Las Vegas, my home away from home and favorite place ever, it seemed too good to be true. Everyone deserves a crazy Vegas trip or two in their lives… but with as many as I’ve had, I found it hard to believe another one was presenting itself to me. And with three amazing women I adore, no less. Still, the fact is, all four of us needed it for different reasons. So I said yes, quit worrying about it and packed my heels.

The novelty of Las Vegas should’ve worn off for me years ago. It hasn't. I should be tired of it. I'm not. As soon as I step off the plane and hear the slot machines in the airport, I’m giddy. I eagerly anticipate my first viewing of the lights of the Strip. I take in the people watching and can never quite get used to seeing it all… the insanely beautiful women in their tiny dresses, the eager men in their suits and heavy cologne who turn their heads at every pair of breasts, the costumed entertainers, the older pot-bellied men re-living their youths, the couples, and the crazies. With each trip, I’m excited about something else… a show we’re seeing, a club we’re checking out or just experiencing the madness with the people I’ve brought along. This time I was thrilled to see the city I’ve come to know and love with three people who really hadn’t experienced it before. And for me, it meant a new way to experience Vegas as well… in a 1600 square foot two bedroom luxury suite. Go big or go home, I guess.

What do you do when you lose your father and stepmother suddenly and tragically right before the 30th birthday trip they were going to take you on? Or when you end a relationship of almost six years with a man you’ve been with since you were barely legal? Or when you’re stuck in limbo and so much depends on things that are out of your control, you find yourself snapping at those you love, having panic attacks and wake yourself up crying from stress at night? Or when you unexpectedly get your heart broken and can’t trust someone the way you thought you could? You pack up your smallest dresses, your make-up and any cash you can get your hands on and you get your ass to Vegas. At least, that’s exactly what we did. And it turned out to be better therapy than any of us could have imagined.

From the moment our limo driver met us at baggage claim at the airport, we were treated like rock stars. You get what you pay for in Vegas and if you’re willing to shell out the cash for a suite, you’re entitled to the amenities that come with it… a personal concierge, high class transportation, a lounge that always has plenty of treats available (“Omg, there are cookies in here!”), a sweet man to hail you a Taxi and tell you how beautiful you look each evening, and the most gorgeous surroundings you can possibly imagine. And it just got better from there. Each night, we were treated to a table and bottle service at some of the city’s most high end nightclubs that just kept getting better by the day. Each night we had some of the best meals of our lives which also seemed to keep getting better. Every evening when we’d emerge from our suite dressed up and strutting, we were catcalled and offered free drinks just so the men would have the honor of talking to us until our egos just couldn’t take it anymore. Throw in an incredible show, several hours lounging in the whirlpool tubs and steam rooms in a gorgeous spa, room service and two ridiculously hot bodied women dressed as “peas and carrots” and you’ve got yourself the best Vegas trip of all time.

I’m no fool. I know there’s a dark side to Las Vegas and there are a lot of things about it that aren’t so great. I know there’s the dirty, high crime, bad energy, ugly side of Vegas. I know one round of drinks there could feed a family of four for a week. I know it’s all about who you know, who you are and what traits you’re willing to compromise. It’s a hustle, all about the money. But I think it’s the fact that the city doesn’t even try to hide that side of it that makes me love it so much. They’re not pretending to be anything they’re not, even though 99% of the tourists do (Vegas alias, anyone? I’ve got one). Like anything else in life, Vegas is what you make of it. I’ve had plenty of bad experiences there, but they will never be able to tarnish, or compare to, all the good. With a city that has shown me so much love over the years and treated me so well, I have no choice but to love it back with all my heart.

So no, I don’t believe I will ever tire of Las Vegas. As the years go by and my life changes, I’m sure I’ll go there less and less. And there will come a day where I’ve had enough. But I’ll always look back on my trips during my twenties with a smile. And when my memories (those that survived all the free champagne) fade, I’ve got an entire folder of Vegas pictures on my computer that will never see the light of day but will always be there when I need a reminder that yes, it really happened, and yes, we all deserved it.

Yes, those are my pink panties. No, I don't have any shame. The pic is awesome.


sherryrose said...

just one thing to say: ultra mega holla!

you make it sound like the most amazing trip ever...and probably because it was ;) (yes, i did a winki face)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time! And you rocked those panties. ;) Ha!

Sally G. said...

You sure make it sound enticing! One of these days, I'll see it for myself.

Love your site's new look!!

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