About Me

Aquarius women are referred to as "heavenly bohemians" because they seem to have their own rules and regulations as to their conduct and they completely reject others telling them what to do.

Although an Aquarian woman might disagree completely with what you believe, she will certainly be open-minded enough to support your personal right to to your beliefs.

An Aquarian female is like a butterfly, which sits on every flower, but belongs to none. She loves her freedom and if you can accept this, she will love you even more. Within her boundless limits, her love will also be limitless.
-"The Aquarius Woman"

Writer. Wife. Girly girl. Seasoned traveler. Loyal friend, usually. Lover of all things pink, exercise, good books, good music, good coffee and good wine. Admitted food snob. Avoids most chain restaurants. Proud flexitarian. Amateur yoga-practicer. Cautiously approaching Totally rocking
 thirties. Spiritual with exceptional fondness for Christianity but not most Christians. Speaks Spanish when drunk. Plays well with others if fed adequately. Needs frequent massages. Hates animal cruelty. Loves animal prints.
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